Anal Experience Brazilian Bikini
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Anal Experience Brazilian Bikini
AEB3733  -  $48.00

Includes your choice of a set of two standard anal plugs of one large penis shaped plug for deep adventures

This is our first bikini-style plug suit. It is a Brazilian bikini which offers about a quarter rear coverage. The design is made with a rubberized shiny material. Wet look Lycra spandex with a very hot mold to form around your cock into the front pouch. The rear ends short, just covering your hole because after all this is a Koala anal design and the rear is held in place with a butt plug. Two different sizes are included with the suit and of course you can use just about any other plug you want. When viewed from between the legs you can see how much extra skin is showing and available to be dusted with a little sunshine. The Anal Experience design makes any outing, any time you decide to wear it under your jeans, any time you crave a interesting sensation, any time you just feel like having a good time, a special experience awaits you.

  • Item #: AEB3733

Anal Experience Brazilian Bikini

Price: $48.00
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