Anal Exploration G-string
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Anal Exploration G-string

One size adjustable 

Anal Exploration G-string No Plug
AE5973  -  $32.00


Anal Exploration G-string with 1.5" custom Plug
AE5973P  -  $89.00


This is by far the most radical g-string men’s swimsuit you will ever see. It may just be our most eagerly awaited suit we have ever created and for me personally it is by far the most exciting most fun to wear suit ever. This is a swimwear experience like no other. We have been talking about making this design for close to a year. It took us many tries to get it absolutely perfect and the aluminum machined spreader. The design of the spreader took quite a bit of engineering to get it to do what I wanted, which was to create a magnificent view of the gaping rear hole that is completely incorporated into the g-sting. This metal machined part is very expensive making the Anal Exploration one of our most expensive designs ever but if you were to go out and have this part custom machined (yes it is made in the USA) it would cost multiple times the cost of the suit. Best of all the metal anal spreader will be used in many future designs and you will be able to use the same spreader in future designs. Depending upon your mood the Anal Exploration G-string can be used with or without the spreader. A photograph in many cases is better than a thousand words. I can tell you how fantastic the g-string looks with your exposed gaping hole, how amazing it feels to wear with your hole completely exposed and spread wide open and even how ridiculously aroused you will be the entire time wearing it, but it is best to say just look at the pictures and put yourself in the models place! BTW the g-string used without the spreader still is a wonderful tie side g-string design.

  • Item #: AE5973

Anal Exploration G-string

Price: $32.00
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