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with the Ass Spark
Item #: A6933  -  $61.00

with the Ass Spark double bump
Item #: A6933D  -  $66.00


without the Ass Spark
Item #: A6933N  -  $32.00


One size adjustable 

This is one wicked design that has everything going for it. It might just be my favorite new design from this collection. If you have not tried one of the designs that incorporates the Ass Spark, you have no idea what you are missing. These are so stimulating and erotic to wear and so fantastic looking it is no wonder so many men that have tried this suit have gone wild about Koala’s penetration-style suits! Analmation is a totally wild g-string with an explosive missile style from pouch that pulls your cock out from you body and displays it like it is floating in air. At the same moment the Ass Spark is set deep inside of you to hold the entire set-up in place. The Analmation not only has the metal cock ring from the Ass Spark but it has a large adjustable wide spandex cock strap that sits inside of the pouch and is one of the secrets that makes the pouch stick straight out and keeps it full. Analmation is a playful and stimulating g-string that delivers exciting looks and startling arousal.

  • Item #: A6933N


Price: $32.00
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