Ass Spark G-String
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Ass Spark G-String

ASG462N  -  $33.00  -   

ASG462  -  $62.00  - 
with Ass Spark cock ring anal plug

(This design must be used with an Ass Spark cock ring/anal plug)


One size adjustable


The first g-string based off the Ass Spark combo butt plug cock ring, this is one of the best looking and without a doubt the most stimulating g-string swimsuit you will ever wear. In fact I am sure many men will be so addicted to this suit that they will be used on special occasions (or to make a regular day a special occasion) as underwear. I can write hundreds of words about how amazing the Ass Spark unit that this suit is based on is. Slide your cock in then slide the anal plug in and you will not believe how great it feels and how it seems to be custom made just for you. This g-string has no rear other than the metal portion that can be seen from some angles; it is fully adjustable and is a fantastic suit to wear. For me the only real draw back is how instantly wet I get when I put it on. The Ass Spark G-string by design keeps the pouch very full, the main reason is you are always stimulated while wearing it. The thick and solid metal ring keeps your penis in the perfect position to fill the pouch. Those of you who are not familiar with plugs might think it would be hard to layout wearing this design that could not be further from the truth. It feels awesome laying on your front or back and just wait until you sit on it. I guarantee your smile will be ear to ear!

  • Item #: ASG462N

Ass Spark G-String

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