Bad Boy Plug Thong
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Bad Boy Plug Thong
BBPT568  -  $46.00
Includes 2 anal plugs


First let me mention the Plugged Up design which was our first anal plug thong, was and still is a massive best seller that literally blew us away by its popularity. We have been trying to catch up with demand ever since the first day it was introduced. I virtually design all our products based on no small part, styles that I want to use myself.  I thought that a suit held in place by a butt plug would be daring to wear, stimulating to wear,  attention generating  and for me personally challenging to use. It is all that and so much more. There was no doubt a follow up suit would be in order.  That brings us to the Bad Boy Plug Thong. This is one wild design, I guess anything that gets shoved up your ass qualifies as a wild designs but what made this suit hit the bulls eye(in more ways then one) is we targeted a design that could pass as a full bikini from the front. The Plugged Up as hot as it is offers a micro pouch and not everyone is willing to go that route. The Bad Boy Plug Thong offers a full cut full front pouch. No one would ever say a word about your suit being to small or not covering enough until you rolled over to expose its extremely erotic and controversial  rear. Our swimwear designs are created to elicit comment and we are absolutely sure the Bad Boy Plug Thong will do just that.

  • Item #: BBPT568

Bad Boy Plug Thong

Price: $46.00
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