Balls Out! G-string
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Balls Out! G-string

One Size adjustable


Where do all the ideas come from for our more insane designs? Many come from my mildly twisted mind and others from our equally twisted customers minds. (I mean that in a good way!) Sometimes an idea will be sent to us and, as with this idea, it percolates for a while and just springs to the surface when it is ready. The Balls Out idea was sent to us by many customers, but the way the suit works came to me while laying out one day. I was around the pool and, at that moment, I just wished I could get some sun on my balls but there was no way to do it discreetly or comfortably. I played with the idea of having a micro pouch that would hold everything but also be capable of holding just the shaft with the balls fully exposed. It needed to work both ways. The finished design Balls Out! G-string does both perfectly.  When you are ready to get some sun on those babies, you just slip them out the bottom of the pouch and they are supported gently, yet firmly, with Spandex straps on each side of them exposed fully to the sun. Need to take a dip in the water?  Just fit them back into this extreme micro, yet full coverage front, and you are on your way. That is, unless you have the balls to do it Balls Out!

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Balls Out! G-string

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