Blade G-string
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Blade G-string
B6372  -  $34.00

One size adjustable


The Blade is named for its unbelievable look of its narrow pouch. We created a knife-edge blade design by separating the shaft and balls into separate pouches. Building upon earlier male form-fitted designs, we wanted a suit with two distinct functions: First a perfectly formed pouch that highlights and accentuate the size and shape of the shaft while forming the balls into a smooth form-fitted pouch that blends into the background. The second task is to have this extreme suit so that it can function on a public beach. There are few public beaches that you can blatantly show off what is after all a fully exposed shaft. I designed this suit to be adjustable so you are able to control how far down the pouch is pulled. You can in fact adjust this design to look like a super narrow pouch while lying out.  Adjusted correctly the Blade appears to be a solid single pouch from the side and top. Just right for lounging around your favorite hotel pool. Even a rock hard shaft can be kept in line with the Blade. Needless to say, Blade is a stunner and as you might imagine it is extremely erotic to wear.  The craftsmanship and stitch work on our male-form designs is exceptional

  • Item #: B6372

Blade G-string

Price: $34.00
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