Blazing Blade
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Blazing Blade
BB7782  -  $34.00

One size adjustable  

Based closely on the Blade G-string, we made some slight changes and created the Blazing Blade in super hot yellow four-way stretch Lycra spandex. When you are creating a penis-shaped suit, changes need to be made to accomodate different fabrics and this one took some tweeks to make it every bit as erotic as the original. This design packages your shaft and balls in separate pouches than pulls the balls low between the legs and forces the shaft to point down. The idea is to have an ultra narrow pouch, just as thin as your shaft which for just about every man would be very narrow compared to a standard v-shaped pouch. The Blazing Blade works exactly the same as the Blade with it’s knife edged shape that looks fantastic on you while laying out on the beach to get a tan. No one will know it is your shaft that is completely exposed because of the way it is pulled down to give it the appearance of a standard pouch, one with an extremely narrow cut. Blazing Blade lets you be nasty and nice at the same time.

  • Item #: BB7782

Blazing Blade

Price: $34.00
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