Bliss Cream Master Thong
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Bliss Cream Master Thong
BCMT543  -  $38.00

One size adjustable


Our Bliss Designs are all masterpieces. They are not only works of beauty but they are totally intense sex and cock display suits. The Bliss Designs are our most detailed complicated designs to create. The detail work is amazing. The fit is amazing. The way your penis feels and looks when you wear it is amazing.  This design is just about an exact duplication of our best selling Bliss Control Freak, the major change is that the Bliss Cream Master is a thong. Many men have asked us to create the Bliss as a thong because they like the way that a thong suit fits, feels and looks. There are few designs that are more comfortable for full day use than a thong , butas it turns out many Bliss wearers use them for more then sex. They wear them to parties, they use them as extremely sexy underwear and some enjoy wearing them to very liberal Beaches. The Bliss Cream Master thong will make any activity that much more special.  If this is the first Bliss design you have owned you are in for a truly special experience.


  • Item #: BCMT543

Bliss Cream Master Thong

Price: $38.00
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