Blue Boy Bikini
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Blue Boy Bikini
BBB324  -  $33.00

Blue Boy is our insane, hot new bikini design with a new projection front pouch that includes a built-in adjustable cock strap. The new pouch forces the penis out to fill the pouch to its maximum and to make your cock look as large as possible. This new pouch design offers an extended fabric lip that hugs around the ball sack and reaches between the legs to merge just before the anus. This completely new design offers a high level of comfort for all day use, yet it is a bikini that can be worn everywhere while it still exposes the underside between your sack and anus. The Brazilian-rear is artwork for your ass. The Blue Boy Bikini is breathtaking.

  • Item #: BBB324

Blue Boy Bikini

Price: $33.00
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