Changed Man Control Freak
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Changed Man Control Freak
CMCF8288  -  $36.00

One size adjustable


The Changed Man designs are some of the most interesting and creative male to female transformation suits you will ever find. Created by people who are into it. It’s designed to be not only stunning but completely functional.  This new design might just be the pinnacle of transformation designs since like the original Changed Man it not only completely erases the shaft from the equation to give you a look so extreme that it appears you we born without one but takes those sweet little (or big) balls of yours and reshapes them into the lips they were meant to be. The Changed Man Control Freak goes a step further by adding full adjustments on each individual testicle to create the most perfect vagina your body is capable of producing. The look is more than just sexy and stylish it is a complete change over to the feminine side. By shaving all your body hair, put on a little spandex tank top and you are ready to stun and confuse all the while enjoying your inner feminine. Hot.


  • Item #: CMCF8288

Changed Man Control Freak

Price: $36.00
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