Changed Man Lip Control
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Changed Man Lip Control
CMLC8469  -  $36.00

One size adjustable  

Another version of the Changed Man the Changed Man Lip Control suits that offer the same superb full male to female transformation look with the additional lip control features that allow you to control the shape of the testes to individually create the most feminine look imaginable. The Changed Man Lip Control suit offers a more tapered shaft pouch than the standard Changed Man design in addition to the individual adjustments. When I talk about the shaft pouch this is the section of the suit that holds your penis inside of you. Just like the original, this design will handle the smallest to the very largest cocks to keep them hidden away and out of view until you decide to free it. The very light nude color fabric is great for being almost invisible to the eye from any distance. We design our suits for the water but we understand not all beaches will allow you to show your exposed pussy. We also know that many, if not most of the men, transsexuals and guys who enjoy being a little of both use our designs as underwear which we think is a fine use too, but we hope you have some special friends that you can pull your pants down and show off our very special creation.

  • Item #: CMLC8469

Changed Man Lip Control

Price: $36.00
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