Cream Stick
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Cream Stick
CS2950  -  $34.00


Some designs are hard to name than others and then some just come to you in an instant.

The second you slip this suit on you will know just as I did that “Cream Stick” is the perfect name for this suit. Get you penis through the metal interior cock ring cage and slide the sheer shaft cover over your very hard cock and don’t forget to place your balls into the tight sheer pouch. By this time you might notice wetness building on the tip of your penis, a common occurrence when you are as turned on as you will be to wear the Cream Stick. It is so arousing that I am getting hard just writing about it. If you are into magnificent penis display swimwear the Cream Stick will be one of your favorite suits.

  • Item #: CS2950

Cream Stick

Price: $34.00
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