Cream Stick Explosion
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Cream Stick Explosion

CSE3872N  -  $32.00  -   

CSE3872  -  $61.00  - 
with Ass Spark

(This design must be used with an Ass Spark cock ring/anal plug)


How hot is this new design? I will tell you but first let me tell you who I am. Most Koala customers know me, I am Michael David and I design the suits with my very skilled team. I also write the copy for the site. Being a spandex swimwear designer, spandex fetish freak, wearer of the most extreme designs and other info you can read about in the where I post during each week gives me a unique insight and perspective into our designs, insights that I enjoy sharing with other micro swimwear and spandex fetish lovers. This suit is very special and unbelievably hot. The cock is beautiful, possibly the most beautiful part of a male body and I believe it should be displayed with pride and as you would a work of invaluable art. The Cream Stick Explosion does a phenomenal job of  penis display. Paired with the Ass Spark this design is literally an explosion of stimulation which both causes the penis to stay hard, get wet and the anal area to be highly aroused. The sheer skin colored fabric is the perfect compliment for this design to show the engorged shaft and balls as the beautiful creations they are. This suit is so hot that as I look at the photos of the model my cock is getting hard and I am starting to get wet, now that is hot!

  • Item #: CSE3872N

Cream Stick Explosion

Price: $32.00
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