Creamy Girl Bikini
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Creamy Girl Bikini
CGB5668  -  $36.00


This is a total fem-style male to female transformation design. This suit is for all men who have the desire to see what it is like to be a girl. Most of us have fooled around with putting our cocks between our legs and seeing what it is like to look completely feminine. The Creamy Girl Bikini takes it that much further by allowing you to transform to a female by creating a total vagina look. This is a beach suit made-to-be-seen in. The nude fabric appearance is so hot because at a distance you appear to be nude and mixed in with this design you have the added fun of people taking a second look. As you might imagine koala’s entire line of male to female transformation suits are very popular with transsexuals and cross dressers but you might be surprised by how many straight/gay men just want to get feminine at times. In fact we have a fair amount of women who order these designs for their men.

The Creamy Girl Bikini is one of our most mainstream male to female transformation designs. It offers a full rear bikini back and still completes the look by virtually erasing any of your manhood. If you have never tried one of our fem style suits? I will say it again…”you have no idea how much fun and how interesting these designs are to wear along with the thrill of seeing how you look when your cross over to the fem side of the tracks!”

  • Item #: CGB5668

Creamy Girl Bikini

Price: $36.00
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