Delicious Ass Bikini
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Delicious Ass Bikini
DAB5633  -  $34.00

This might just be the perfect use-anywhere bikini we have ever offered. It is always an evolutionary process to build upon one design to strive for the pinnacle of design perfection. This suit is based of the Ass Market Bikini, our most popular new bikini design in years. The changes to the Delicious Ass Market Bikini were all sparked by customer ideas and feedback. A very simple change made this design wearable for virtually any situation. We added a panel of fabric between the legs. I, like most Koala customers, are to one degree or another exhibitionist and we love to showi off skin including that very private area between the legs from the balls to just before the anus. Many of our customers wanted absolute sexiness with the great looks of the Ass Market Bikini but found there were times that they needed to keep their legs together so as not to expose to much. I too found myself with the same problem a few times and decided our boys must be right. Ultimate hotness but with that small area of skin covered. The end result is fabulous. Some designs are so hot I can not stop myself from giving them accolades. I’ll let the pictures do the job as  to why this is a must own suit, a suit you should have access to at all times!


  • Item #: DAB5633

Delicious Ass Bikini

Price: $34.00
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