Explosive Impact Brazilian Bikini
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Explosive Impact Brazilian Bikini

With Ass Spark  EIBB5779A  -  $65.00

with Double Ass Spark  EIBB5779DA  -  $70.00

Without Ass Spark  EIBB5879N  -  $36.00
For you boys that already have one


This is the ultimate booty call swimsuit and it is the pinnacle of  Brazilian-style swimwear for men. Talk about putting your ass on display! This super, hot yellow with a full Brazilian high back bikini-cut, which in its own way, shows as much ass as a g-string or thong, but in a much more subtle way.  Once the Ass Spark enters you, no one will know that the shinny part of the suit is having sex with you in front of everyone. The Explosive Impact Brazilian Bikini is designed to be worn and seen in. Wear it to the beach or that exciting pool party that might not be quite ready for a thong. Funny thing is this suit is so much more extreme than any standard thong or g-string. Let’s face it you are being violated in front of everyone but they just don’t know it. Your cock is absolutely aroused and if not fully hard then very engorged by all the stimulation that happens. The front pouch is just as perfect as can be for this design and will keep everything in place and looking so hot it should be illegal, I’m relatively sure it would be in many areas if they knew the full extent of what is going on with this design but the fact is it is your secret unless you decide to share it. If you decide to go with the double Ass Spark you might need to wear a condom with the Explosive Impact Brazilian Bikini so your mess does not get all over the pouch, there will be a mess! This is a stunning design that delivers on all fronts.

  • Item #: EIBB5879N

Explosive Impact Brazilian Bikini

Price: $36.00
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