Fem Fatale
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Fem Fatale
FF7466  -  $34.00

One size adjustable


We always are looking to go more micro; smaller and smaller. In fact, with many designs we keep making samples until we get them as small as is possible while still keeping the design completely functional. The Fem Fatale is such a design. We took one of the most amazing Fem style designs we offer, “Secret Temptation,” and chopped a little here and there to create this wicked new style. The previous design is an ultra-micro fem style G-string, but after one day of wearing it around the pool, I felt it might be possible to make the semi sheer pouch that forces the shaft inside of you, holding it in place all the while hiding it in plain view with the head exposed through the fabric appearing even smaller. It turned out to not only be possible, but to be even more exciting to hide it all under something so small no one would ever have any idea what they are looking at. The balls are kept in a solid color all way stretch Lycra Spandex pouch that is fully adjustable. This allows you a wide variety of looks. Little tension allows people to believe your entire penis shaft and balls are in the one pouch and that you are just on the small side. Pull it back tight and the balls almost completely disappear leaving you with a complete and total feminine look.  The semi sheer pouch that covers your compressed pouch is see- through, but with your cock smashed against the fabric; it just looks like a cool design. No one will know they are looking eye to eye with your mischievous little penis

  • Item #: FF7466

Fem Fatale

Price: $34.00
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