Foreskin Pouch
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Foreskin Pouch
Black cotton Lycra
FP7753  -  $26.00


The Foreskin sport pouch is the best workout support
suit you will find. My Penis constantly gets irritated during vigorous exercise, especially when bicycling. The Foreskin Pouch offers the best protection yet as it fully encompasses the shaft and balls and allows multiple tightness settings around the base. Your Penis will stay in place up front and fully enclosed. If you are daring enough to use the Foreskin Pouch as your only attire be assured it will stay put even if you are running or biking. The thick adjustable base strap makes your equipment look larger then life. The Foreskin Pouch prevents chafing.

  • Item #: FP7753

Foreskin Pouch

Price: $26.00
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