Furious Lover
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Furious Lover

FL8733  -  $49.00

One size adjustable 

The Furious Lover was designed to heighten your sexual experience. This idea came not only from my desires but those of Koala customers that are looking for a design to wear while fucking, one that would help keep erections hard while creating a beautiful cock display and still get heavy duty anal stimulation.  We have completely succeeded in this endeavor. This sex suit is a monster in bed and for masturbation. The Furious Lover includes two standard style butt plugs, small or medium or one large penis shaped butt plug.

The Furious Lover with the plug in place pushed and held deep inside of you  along with your shaft and balls placed firmly inside its metal multi cock ring with multi strap adjustments to get the ultimate fit you are then ready for some serious business.


  • Item #: FL8733

Furious Lover

Price: $49.00
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