Heavy Metal Micro Bikini
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Heavy Metal Micro Bikini
HM8427  -  $36.00


We went bikini crazy with our new designs in this collection. I believe one can never have enough beautiful bikinis in ones collection. The Heavy Metal bikini offers everything you want to push it high up if not to the top of your favorites list.  Yes the Heavy Metal is a micro Brazilian-style bikini with all the right magnificent curves and yes it will make you look incredible but more than that, the Heavy Metal is one of the most elegant micro bikinis we have ever offered. The grey metalized spandex is guaranteed to get your juices flowing. Micro bikini rear can easily be used as a thong and front pouch offers full yet barely there coverage. The front and rear are connected between the legs by a thin strap which allows full tanning access between your legs and maybe even a hint of exposed hole depending upon how the suit is adjusted. Elegant, exciting and arousal inducing the Heavy Metal is another must have Koala design.

  • Item #: HM8427

Heavy Metal Micro Bikini

Price: $36.00
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