Impaled Bikini
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Impaled Bikini

with the Ass Spark
Item #: IB8255  $65.00

with the Ass Spark double bump
Item #: IB8255D  -  $70.00


without the Ass Spark
Item #: IB8255N  -  $36.00


The Impaled Bikini is an incredible combination of an Ass Spark enabled full bikini rear and a all new blowout-styled front pouch that utilizes both the Ass Sparks cock ring and a wide band adjustable spandex cock strap that is hidden within the pouch. This allows you to fill the pouch and the full pouch extends out from your body, creating one of the hottest bikinis you will ever see on the beach. The Impaled Bikini can be ordered with the standard Ass Spark or the Double Bump Ass Spark. Koala customers have been going crazy over our penetration-style designs and I can tell you from personal experience that there is nothing quite as hot as wearing a penetration bikini, thong or g-string to the beach that is only kept in place by a cock ring and a plug fitted firmly inside of you.

  • Item #: IB8255N

Impaled Bikini

Price: $36.00
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