Internal Exposure Plug Thong
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Internal Exposure Plug Thong
IE8933  -  $46.00

One size adjustable

Includes your choice of a set of two standard anal plugs or one large penis shaped plug for deep adventures

Internal Exposure is another plug suit with a ridiculously awesome front pouch design. This is one of the best looking plug designs we have ever created. Koala has gotten deep into anal designs, no pun intended and this one is a real attention getter. The front pouch is designed to push the penis out from the body yet keep your package completely covered literally enveloped in a bright yellow all-way stretch pouch. What makes this style most amazing is that it works and it works extremely well. The waist band flows into a thong design that ends abruptly as the hidden plug that plunges deep inside of you. Normally you would have fabric that connects the rear to the front but with the help of a magic hidden metal ring in the front pouch everything stays in place without the connective fabric between the legs. As you can see from the photos the entire area between the legs from the very base of your balls to just the slightest bit above the opening of your hole is visible. Nothing like lying out in the sun on a wonderful island beach dreaming of getting some anal action, oh wait! you are getting some! Oh and talk about using the Internal Exposure Plug Thong as a workday treat by wearing them under your favorite office attire.

  • Item #: IE8933

Internal Exposure Plug Thong

Price: $46.00
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