Invisible Exploits
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Invisible Exploits
IE3922  -  $38.00

One size adjustable


Invisible Exploits is built off the wildly crazy success of our exclusive design Invisible Ventures. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting this new design is. I have an erection just thinking about it. First the front cut offers a full bikini view perfect for the beach. The g-string rear is held in place with two large anal balls that disappears deep inside of you. This is both stimulating and functional. The rear of the suit looks like a regular sexy g-string And no one would know that you are having sex with your suit to keep it in place. The secret is well kept with the front pouch and we worked very hard to design it To deceive. The interior adjustable cock ring holds the front down beautifully. The only way another person will know how special your suit is if you decide to let them have a spread eagle view which can be immensely stimulating on its own

  • Item #: IE3922

Invisible Exploits

Price: $38.00
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