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M6623  -  $66.00

One size adjustable


There are many people that would consider a G-string whose rear is a large metal double bump and hook to be Madness. Those people are likely not Koala enthusiasts. If the idea of a beautiful blue, full coverage, micro front pouch set with form fitting Spandex straps all held in place by a large metal anal hook driving itself deep inside you by the very nature of the swimsuits design is exciting to you, then you are in the right place. This design does take some getting used to both in the feel of wearing it, which you might guess is very intense and, of course, how other people will view you wearing it. That is, if you are sort of person who gives a shit.  Madness is a statement suit that not only shows how into Spandex you are, but how obviously attracted to anal sex you are whether gay, straight or Bi. Madness is an emotion, a state of mind, and a powerfully erotic swimwear design.

  • Item #: M6623


Price: $66.00
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