Man Holster
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Man Holster
MH5694  -  $33.00One size adjustable

The Man Holster is just for you boys who are into the wet-look—you know who you are.  So many of our customers asked for more wet-look fabrics and we thought it would be a natural to make a wet look male form suit.  Our penis-shaped suits are one of our fastest growing design categories. There is something special about slipping your cock into this deep blue wet-look fabric as it takes hold of your shaft to mold the fabric around it as it sets the smooth shape of your balls into a lovely and erotic package. This is a g-string that’s at home on the beach, poolside or at that special party. These designs are so much fun to wear.  Use them as underwear wear and feel special all day long or as male lingerie to get things hot and fired up.

  • Item #: MH5694

Man Holster

Price: $33.00
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