Man Load Bikini
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Man Load Bikini
MLB6525  -  $36.00


The Man Load Thong is almost always out of stock. We just can’t make them fast enough! I have been getting e-mails for years asking us to offer it with a real bikini rear.

One of the reasons I held back from doing so is that the Man Load Pouch has always been difficult for the sewers to construct. This summer we purchased an advanced sewing machine that makes creating this design a little less labor intensive which has allowed us to finally offer it as a bikini.  For you boys that have never used a Man Load, here are features that make it such a cool suit. First its very large contoured pouch can handle any package, you don’t need to call and ask if your 9 inches will fit, it will and best of all whether you are 4 inches or twice that you can wear the Man Load Bikini with a full erection and it just looks like a full pouch. It so much fun to Load up in this suit and now with a full bikini rear it is made to go anywhere your desires take you.

  • Item #: MLB6525

Man Load Bikini

Price: $36.00
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