Man Load Supreme
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Man Load Supreme
MLS9222  -  $33.00


This is the largest pouch ever and with a beautiful white thong. Keep in mind, if you’re huge or if you’re small, while sporting some wood, once this suit is wet it gets very sheer! Man Load Supreme is designed to show off your largest form your throbbing manhood no matter how large you are! This design is at once striking, engaging, unbelievably comfortable and of course an intense attractor of attention. The Man Load suits are by far the most popular large pouch suits we have ever offered and though they are as different as can be, by comparison to our ultra micro suits, they have found a host of eager and enthusiastic customers who just love the look and the freedom a large contoured pouch thong design like this provides the wearer.

  • Item #: MLS9222

Man Load Supreme

Price: $33.00
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