Maniac Pouch
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Maniac Pouch

with Ass Spark
MPA5897  -  $56.00


with Ass Spark Double Bump
MPAD8976  -  $59.00


Maniac Pouch only for you boys that own an Ass Spark
MP2334  -  $30.00


It is well known that Koala makes some of the hottest pouch only designs on the planet. They fit the best, look the best and are by far the best-crafted pouch only designs you can buy. Does that sound like we believe in our products? That said I think, no, I am 100% sure we have out done ourselves. The vision of this design came to me when I was tanning  as I wore a Testosterone Pouch. What could make the experience more fun, more erotic and even more stimulating?  What could keep the pouch so big and full it looked like it was at full capacity every time I put it on. What could make the design even more secure than it is already is? The Answer to those questions came in the form of the Maniac Pouch. It is without question the best tanning pouch we have ever constructed. It is the most arousing pouch design we have ever constructed and in my opinion it is the best looking smooth pouch style on the planet.  When I say it was a vision it was more an inspiration, as I was relaxing in the sun around my pool with my neighbors during one of my work lunch breaks wearing only this tiny little pouch. I started to think about how much more fun it would be to have an Ass Spark working it’s magic at the same time. My next thought was that with a cock ring working with the pouch I could make a secure pouch, something we accomplished; this pouch is not going to fall off. Your balls are not going to slip out and yes it is going to look outstanding the entire time you are wearing it. (it is a tight fit but it will work with the Silicone Ass Spark too)


  • Item #: MP2334

Maniac Pouch

Price: $30.00
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