Mega Stretch
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Mega Stretch
MS8269  -  $36.00

The Mega Stretch is a striking, almost too hot, male enhancement bikini. Made of a rubberized spandex, which is one of my favorite fun fabrics. It has a great texture and yes it molds onto the skin to look so compelling. This is a full bikini rear with a push out micro pouch with built in adjustable cock ring. The front pouch is shaped to fill nearly to the point of bursting. It’s so hot. The bikini rear is a Koala full back, which means it is still going to show some cheek. The front pouch and bikini rear connect by a thin strap which allows a better fit around the balls and lets the region between the legs, at the rear of the balls to just before the hole, receive sun for a nice tan. Perfect, but still a daring bikini, to wear anywhere you would like. For all intents and purposes, everything is covered. So go ahead and be the man, get all the attention.

  • Item #: MS8269

Mega Stretch

Price: $36.00
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