Micro Dagger Caged Fury
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Micro Dagger Caged Fury
MD3342  -  $36.00

One size adjustable


The Micro Dagger Caged Fury might just be the hottest sheer g-string swimsuit on the planet. The micro cock-shaped pouch will control the size your erection as it allows it to grow while the metal interior cock cage will pull your balls into Micro Daggers perfectly shaped pouch where they will no doubt be shown under pressure to look like they are ready to blow right through the fabric. You shaft, stimulated by the metal rings, will want to grow large too, but the Micro Dagger Caged Fury will keep it in check. One of the very nice features of this nasty boy is that even if you are small you will cram the pouch full and it will look like your cock is trying to push its way out. Will this design get you will get wet, absolutely!There is no question that once you slip on the Micro Dagger Cage Fury you will start to leak, there is no way around it and yes anyone that sees you will know how turned on you are. There are some down sides to this like the stress of wanting to play with it but not being able to because you might be on the beach or at a pool party.
But think of the fun you will have when it is time to play with all the pent up energy ready to explode.

On top of everything thing else this design is just drop dead beautiful and I am sure you will be a fantastic model for it. Does this sound like your kind of spandex fun?
It is mine!

  • Item #: MD3342

Micro Dagger Caged Fury

Price: $36.00
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