Micro Me

Micro Me
MM8755  -  $34.00

One size adjustable


Micro Me is almost exactly the same design as the Fem Fatale in blue. That said, when working with fabrics on suits so absolutely micro like this design, we have to make pattern changes for individual fabrics. That does change the style enough to show it as a different design rather than the same suit in a different color. The sheer blue Spandex fabric had a little more stretch to it, which allowed us to go even a little smaller on the penis cover pouch. Blue has always been one of my favorite fabrics and when you mix the sheer blue with the color of your cock; it makes for an outstanding feminine style display. The solid blue ball pouch is fully adjustable for a variety of looks from almost a full manly pouch to a beautiful and complete vagina look.  If you have not yet tried a fem style suit, let us help open your eyes to the wonderful pleasures of experimenting with your sexual boundaries.

  • Item #: MM8755

Micro Me

Price: $34.00
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