Micro Sport Pouch
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Micro Sport Pouch
MSP9912  -  $24.00

Black Cotton Lycra


With black Cotton Lycra, The Micro Sport Pouch was designed for me! The Micro SP is designed for heavy duty action. I tried many styles of underwear and jockstraps looking for something to wear that would keep me from chafing when I bike and run. I could not find anything that worked well so I decided to create my own. The Micro SP stays in place with the use of two internal Lycra straps that are pulled tight then pulled out the metal hole on the top of the pouch. The straps then wrap around the outside base of the pouch and tie on top. The Micro SP is a second skin that prevents chafing during sport activities. I take long bike rides at the beach and use the Micro SP under my cycling shorts. After a long ride it’s great to slip off my shorts and tan in the world’s smallest suit.

  • Item #: MSP9912

Micro Sport Pouch

Price: $24.00
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