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M3924  -  $32.00

One size adjustable  

I am proud to say that our fem-style male-to-female transformation designs have given thousands of men the opportunity to have an authentic visual female experience. Used by regular guys who just want to try something new and different, men who crave the female look, cross dressers that want the look, transvestites that need the look and transsexuals that must have the look. These designs are amazingly popular and this new design was inspired by our customer’s requests. The Mistress has all the fine points of similar designs but we have removed the metal ring and traded it for a rubber ring. The end result forms the same total flat vagina-look suit but with the added comfort that many men look for in the rubber cock placement ring. The rear thong is perfectly shaped to show off your ass. The Mistress is an awesome fem experience and a very sexy thong swimsuit in its own right.

  • Item #: M3924


Price: $32.00
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