Nasty Bitch
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Nasty Bitch
NB2846  $32.00

One size adjustable

Fem suits are the rage at Koala. For you guys that haven’t had fun with them yet, to bad for you! Let your inner girl go. It’s so exciting and so erotic.

For you guys that have a huge collection of our fem vagina-style swimwear designs, here is a cool new play toy. This design was created from many customer suggestions and we hope you enjoy it. Nasty Bitch is just that, a tiny nasty male transformation, real string bikini, with side ties and the added pleasure of an anal spreader ring, which happens to put a nice nasty spread hole, just where it should be. Make yourself one Nasty Bitch!

  • Item #: NB2846

Nasty Bitch

Price: $32.00
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