Orgasm Bikini
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Orgasm Bikini

with silicone Ass Spark
OBA5562  -  $69.00

with both silicone style Ass Sparks Invader & Temptation
OBIT5574  -  $98.00


without Ass Spark
(can be used with metal Ass Spark)
OB5569  -  $36.00


Never has a swimsuit lived up to its name more than this one. I can nearly guarantee you an orgasmic experience each time you put on this suit. I know this from my own experience. The Orgasm Bikini when ordered with the silicone Ass Spark (yes it will work with the metal Ass Spark if you have one) is the nicest and at the same time nastiest bikini we have ever created. It comes with your choice of silicone Ass Spark cock ring with attached anal plug that is completely integrated into the design. Our intention when creating the Orgasm Bikini was to make a swimsuit that could be used anywhere, anytime but always be totally arousing and stimulating to wear. The design has fulfilled and surpassed our expectations.  When we talk about a design you can wear anywhere we are saying it is a bikini that you can wear at any beach even though the silicone cock ring with its anal plug is deep inside of you it holds the suit together. Since the suit and the silicone are black and grey they make a very harmonious design that no one but you will know how erotic it is unless they are so close they might as well be giving you a physical. The suit has a beautiful wet look in black all way stretch spandex with a sexy front pouch and with its cock ring you keep it completely full all the time. The rear is a full bikini cut so there are no issues to wear it at your favorite pool. Take it along on your next vacation and feel the excitement of being violated the entire time you wear it. At Koala our number one goal is fun. We want you to have a great time wearing our designs and there is no doubt the Orgasm Bikini will live up to your high expectations.

  • Item #: OB5569

Orgasm Bikini

Price: $36.00
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