Party Girl Bikini
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Party Girl Bikini
PGB4587  -  $36.00

Dancing at your next pool party, lounging by the pool or playing in the surf; the Party Girl Bikini has you covered. Covered and transformed, that is. Utterly and completely feminine with a slight camel toe, this is a totally beautiful vagina look for men. This male to female transformation design brings the best of all worlds together for your pleasure and excitement. The Party Girl Bikini lets you live the fantasy. It allows your inner female the freedom to explore new and wonderful pleasures.  This bikini is both sexy and sensual in the way it looks and the way it feels to wear. You can’t help but play with your new equipment once you slip this bad girl on.  The full back design means you are ready to go anywhere any time without the worries of showing too much skin. The front pouch is extremely narrow, yet it covers everything and, of course, it will cancel out any indication that you have a penis. There is nothing but compressed balls that are lightly reshaped into beautiful femininity.

  • Item #: PGB4587

Party Girl Bikini

Price: $36.00
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