Passion Penetration Bikini
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Passion Penetration Bikini
PPB8823  $36.00

PPB8823AS  -  $62.00
with Single Ass Spark

PPB8823DAS  -  $65.00
with Double Ass Spark

PPB8823SAS   -  $65.00
with Silicone Ass Spark


Just amazing. This semi-bikini open-look rear takes its cue from our best selling Skin Bikini. Produced in a rubberized-look matt-finish, all-way stretch spandex that is similar to the Skin Bikini, but up to the point where the strap connects front to rear. Here we replaced the strap with an Ass Spark connection to make the Passion Penetration Bikini with all the good looks but with more fun. The front pouch has a slightly different cut because of the fabric, but as you can see the result is fantastic. Fun and sexy is a great mix when it comes to swimwear. We are always looking for that plus a healthy dose of eroticism and with the Passion Penetration Bikini you get it all. Available with or without Ass Spark. Keep in mind you will need to use an Ass Spark or similar product to connect the front and rear.

  • Item #: PPB8823

Passion Penetration Bikini

Price: $36.00
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