Penetration Bikini
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Penetration Bikini

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With the Ass Spark cock ring anal plug

(This design must be used with an Ass Spark cock ring/anal plug)


I believe the Penetration Bikini will become our latest hot selling bikini. A bold statement, yes, but after seeing how it looked on the model and wearing it myself, I can honestly say that I have never felt, seen, heard of, imagined a more sensuous, more sexual, more startling , more intensely stimulating and a more interesting bikini than this one. It is without a doubt amazing to look at from every angle, including the unbelievable mix of Lycra Spandex and metal that can be seen between the legs. From all other angles it is just a stunning bikini in bright yellow. Completely designed around the Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plug the Penetration Bikini is designed for action. Created to be used for everything from lying out, swimming or making that stroll on the beach much more special. I know that many of our customers will not only use this suit as swimwear but as special occasion underwear and it makes a very hot addition to your collection of male lingerie. Not that you won’t but I would appreciate you looking at the close attention to detail this design offers. Looking at the close up photos you can see how everything fits and works perfectly.


  • Item #: PB8372N

Penetration Bikini

Price: $34.00
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