Penetration Shorts
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Penetration Shorts
PS7724  -  $38.00

Small and Medium Plug or
Large Cock shape plug.

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Micro shorts are an exploding market for us. They have been popular beyond anything we could have imagined. I love wearing them and I use them often as tiny cover-ups when I head down to the beach. It’s fun to see the shock on people’s faces when I strip off these tiny short shorts to reveal an almost unbelievably small micro bikini. Love the faces on out-of-towners when their jaws drop. If you have been a customer for any length of time, you know I can never stop pushing the envelope, and this new design now literally plugs up a hole in our line. The Penetration Shorts are designed to use a butt plug if the mood strikes you. They are fully functional without a plug but, when you are ready for the added excitement of deep wonderful penetration; these shorts are ready to go. Designed with an adjustable interior plug holder; your butt plug will stay out of view and securely in place. The Penetration Shorts are ready for pool play, fun in the surf or even a highly erotic run on the beach.  Like all our micro shorts, the Penetration Shorts are made to push deep between the cheeks that makes them even more exciting when you have a butt plug in there making you feel special. The rear cut shows just a hint of cheek and the front pouch is a seductive yet subtle design. We wanted to make these real wear everywhere shorts. Just try not to have too many orgasms in front of strangers!

  • Item #: PS7724 - $38.00

Penetration Shorts

Price: $38.00
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