Perfect Creation Bikini
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Perfect Creation Bikini
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If you are looking at Koala designs, you will likely agree with our designers view that the penis is one of the masterpieces of nature and beauty beyond compare. The Perfect Creation Bikini is designed to show how you feel. A full back provides full coverage but the penis is covered and displayed in its actual anatomical form. The fit and finish of this design is beyond compare. You will not find anything like it. We pride ourselves on designing suits that invoke a new level of sexy incitement for those that wear our designs and those that get to see them being worn. The Perfect Creation Bikini is for the man who is proud to show it all. Willing to show oneself as artwork. The beauty and perfection of  this design with the detail of the shape of the head that is in an almost moderate bikini suit. Amazing as it might seem, all this perfection and drama comes in a suit that is incredibly comfortable to wear all day long. Perfect Creation bikini is here for you to enjoy!

  • Item #: PC9367

Perfect Creation Bikini

Price: $34.00
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