Pinnacle Ballerina Sport Tights-Nude Spandex
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If you are completely honest with yourself, you have to admit that sometime in your life you saw a beautiful ballerina dancing and wished that could be you. Ballerinas are the apex of feminine beauty. I know I always wanted to wear those beautiful tights and, deep down, I think most men are attracted to them. The Pinnacle Ballerina Sport Tights are so special. They are a magical experience of transformation. These tights are finished in beautiful nude color spandex that looks absolutely painted on your body. The front combines Koala’s complete male to female transformation, which creates a beautiful little camel toe vagina look for all to see.  The design offers a deep between the cheeks fit showing the complete albeit smoothed out shape of your ass. One of the more interesting effects while wearing the Pinnacle Ballerina Sport Tights is that you will not only appear female, but you will also appear to be nude. If the thought of that does not arouse you, I’m not sure what will.


Men’s swimwear designed to get you noticed.

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Pinnacle Ballerina Sport Tights-Nude Spandex

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