Pinnacle Ballistic Sport Tights by Koala
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Supplex spandex must have been created to enhance the male form. Slip on a pair of the Pinnacle Ballistic Sport Tights and you will feel like you were dipped into hot liquid spandex. The matt grey Supplex keeps your bulge in check while also giving you tremendous support and displaying an ample but not over the top amount of man meat. The view from the rear is one that smoothes you out and shows just the right mix of pure cheek shape. Sport tights for men have become extremely popular and mainstream. Now Koala is mixing things up and adding a seriously sexy element to your workout. Sport tights so comfy you can wear them out and about while doing everyday routine errands.


Men’s swimwear designed to get you noticed.

  • Item #: PBST8733

Pinnacle Ballistic Sport Tights by Koala

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