Pinnacle Bikini
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Pinnacle Bikini
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Pinnacle means the top, the highest point, the premiere in quality, the very best you can achieve. We present the Pinnacle Bikini and we believe it is the best all around men’s bikini swimwear we have ever offered. The Pinnacle Bikini offers every feature we feel to be the most important in offering a truly classic design. It features a full coverage bikini rear, so it can be worn in any setting, nice touches like the g-string-style side waistband for an awesome tan line and a micro band that connects the pouch to the bikini rear. This micro band keeps the area between the legs open to get its share of sun and it feels great to have that area exposed. But the best is a magnificent micro front pouch which is startlingly small yet designed to show off your full package, a built-in adjustable cock strap allows when the time is right to fill the pouch to its maximum. The design is finished in wet look red fabric

  • Item #: $34.00

Pinnacle Bikini

Price: $34.00
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