Pinnacle Girl Power Sport
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The Pinnacle Girl Power Sport Tights are the complete package. They are the utmost in a sensual design made to get you excited and aroused while, all the time, making you look smoking hot. These are extreme workout tights ready for your toughest test. They are body shapers with enough compression to smooth out your body to create an incredible visual. The Pinnacle Girl Power Sport Tights are stunning in a number of ways. The male to female transformation aspect is a complete change to a female visible front. Wear a loose fitting shirt that just barely covers the camel toe, people will notice your slightly exposed vagina if you wish them too You can go with a tightly fitted spandex compression top and let everyone see how proud you are of that tiny  pussy. Yes, the visual can be confusing with the total feminine front and the bulging muscles showing through the fabric. But who says a girl can’t be strong?

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Pinnacle Girl Power Sport

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