Pinnacle Lady Gear Sport Tights-Black Spandex
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There is nothing like the sexy, mysterious color of black to make you look as slim and erotic as can be. The Pinnacle Lady Gear Sport Tights are ready to make you look your most athletic while bringing out the most feminine qualities that you possess. Ready to pump at the gym, do a hard yoga workout, take a run at the park or just hang out with your friends while still making a huge fashion statement; these tights were made just for you! They offer a truly form fitting skin tight style along with a complete male to female transformation pussy look front that sports an extremely sexy camel toe design. The rear is a deep seated fit to show off the cheeks. These tights can make all your workouts an erotic experience, and can you seriously ever have too many of those?

  • Item #: PLG7946

Pinnacle Lady Gear Sport Tights-Black Spandex

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