Pinnacle My Girl Sport Tights-White Spandex
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Let Koala make your wildest dreams come true with the Pinnacle My Girl Sport Tights. These are the real hard core work-out and play sport tights that completely transform you visually from male to female. We have added a full line of sport tights called Pinnacle. At first, we were going to only offer them with bulge style pouches. However, our customers had other ideas. They demanded that we offer male to female transformation tights. A big part of the Koala line of swimwear and micro shorts are dedicated to male transformation, which is our fastest growing product group. It was a big task creating the perfect transformation sport tights but we are extremely proud of the end result. These are tights that reconstruct the penis into the shape of a lovely vagina and they are nothing short of amazing with their completely feminine design. The Pinnacle My Girl Sport Tights also offer a deep penetration style rear to show off as much ass as possible. The star of the show, however, will always be the little camel toe upfront!

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Pinnacle My Girl Sport Tights-White Spandex

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