Pinnacle Predator Sport Tights by Koala
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Pinnacle Predator Sport Tights are ready to take your workout to a whole new level. Are you prepared to add raging excitement to your run, yoga class, weight lifting session or elliptical workout? The Predator Sport Tights are created in wet look spandex and are designed to show-off your body with their gleaming skin tight fit. These sport tights are made to be used and designed to look their best without underwear; no panty line needed!

The bulge is moderate enough to be welcomed in any public setting yet it is an extremely hot visual on top of feeling so arousing as it cups your cock. The back fit is an ass show all the way. The entire line of Koala Pinnacle Sport Tights is designed to go deep between the checks for both the ultimate in comfort and looks. Your ass will be nothing short of stunning in these tights.

  • Item #: PPST8367

Pinnacle Predator Sport Tights by Koala

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