Rock Star Shorts
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Rock Star Shorts
RSS8274  -  $37.00

The question is how could you not be a rock star wearing these shorts? These stunning Aqua Blue short shorts offer a pouch that is sure to get your fans yelling and screaming for more! The Rock Star Shorts offer a sculptured form fitting shape that fully covers the rear with just a little bit of cheek exposed. (Let’s face it; if you are wearing anything Koala, it is almost a law that you have to show at least some ass.)  The pouch is truly mouthwatering. The balls are packaged to perfection showing a nice shape with moderate compression. The shaft is where the real action is, though. The shaft pouch is slightly curved, pointed downward and designed to show off the full shape and size of the penis in a stunning and highly appealing form. Wear them to your favorite beach, pool party, fetish party or just when taking a walk on the beach if you dare. These shorts are wickedly seductive. From a strictly sexy point of view, it is not hard not to imagine having your cock sucked while being the rock star you were meant to be. Come on, you owe it to your fans!

  • Item #: RSS8274

Rock Star Shorts

Price: $37.00
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