Slinky Girl Thong
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Slinky Girl Thong
SG8344  -  $36.00

The Slinky Girl Thong is another gender bending masterpiece. Many of the Koala designs are geared to male transformation and, whether that is a lifestyle choice, you are transgender, or you are experimenting with your femininity; we have you covered in our own special way. The Slinky Girl Thong takes a slight lip look approach, which creates the smoothness of a vagina and the addition of just a hint of camel toe to it. This is not a full look balls split camel toe but a much more subdued one. Still, it is enough of one that it will get noticed. No guy can pass up a sweet little camel toe and, in fact, the girls always peek, too. In my opinion, this is one of our most lovely feminine designs. It offers a great looking thong rear and creates such an amazing ultra-flat side view at the same time.

  • Item #: SG8344

Slinky Girl Thong

Price: $36.00
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